Patient Education

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Health Bound is dedicated to helping you rebuild your life and your health one step at a time by bringing care, research, and education together.

Core Values

Caring and client-centered
We are compassionate caregivers committed to excellence as we deliver care. We respect and are responsive to people served and their families, providing them with the best possible care and advocacy.

Discovery and innovation
We are constantly looking for ways to improve the level of care we are able to provide. We foster an environment of inquiry and learning, welcoming questions and discussion, continuing to be leaders in innovative practice and future research.

Teamwork and collaboration
We work in flexible teams, actively engaging with, and learning from and about, each other to continuously progress the care of person’s served. We trust and support each other, building good relationships and good team spirit. We seek ideas and share solutions by working together across boundaries.

Respect and dignity
We work together to foster a culture of trust, respect and dignity. We believe that treating people with respect is a key guiding principle for any effective and healthy organization. We have a shared responsibility to treat those who use our services, our partners and other stakeholders with consideration and esteem, mindful of different values and norms, and recognize the essential rights and dignity of all peoples.

Diversity and inclusion
We create a culture that is inclusive and respects and values diversity. We are committed to eliminating differences in health status between groups and to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe in the principles of equity and access and will respect the diversity of individuals and communities we serve by having inclusive policies and practices for our governance, services and employment.

Accountability and integrity
We individually and collectively accept accountability for our actions and for our effective use of resources. We honour our commitments, deliver on our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes.