Patient Education



Health Bound Health Network is committed to ensuring the quality of service we provide is of the highest standard.  Below you can find the most recent results of the clients we have surveyed to date.  The results on the left relate to Bloor West Rehabilitation Centre, while the results on the right relate to Scarborough Healthcare Centre.

  1. How satisfied are you with the courtesy of the reception staff?
    Question 1 Outcome

  2. How long did you wait to be seen by a therapist?
    Question 2 Outcome
  3. Did you get answers to all your questions from the therapist regarding your condition and/or treatment?
    Question 3 Outcome

  4. Overall, how satisfied are you with your treatment?
    Question 4 outcome

  5. Did you get enough information from the therapist on how to prevent the reoccurrence of the condition and possible complications?
    Question 5 Outcome

  6. Were you able to schedule your next appointment at a convenient time?
    Question 6 Outcome

  7. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience at our clinic?
    Question 7 Outcome