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Corporate Wellness Program

The costs of health care have been rising at a constant pace for several years.  A substantial amount of money spent in the health care system treats expensive illnesses.  In an effort to optimize employee health, a Corporate Wellness Program can reduce avoidable health care utilization and enhance work performance. 


Benefits of corporate wellness programs are obvious and scientifically proven. An effective, well-planned wellness program is guaranteed to improve the health and well-being of employees, increase productivity and the overall morale in the company.

Scientific data shows that companies that invest in wellness programs see huge returns on their investments in the form of increased productivity, decreased health-related expenses, increased employee morale and loyalty. Here are some statistics from research findings:

  • Savings of $3.48 in reduced health care costs per dollar invested;
  • Savings of $5.82 in lower rates of absenteeism costs per dollar invested;
  • Return on Investment of at least $3 to $8 per dollar invested within five years of program implementation;


The impact of a Corporate Wellness Program goes beyond decreased healthcare costs and Return On Investment.  A corporate wellness Program can affect productivity, absenteeism, morale, recruitment, success, turnover, and medical care costs.

How does it work?            

Adopting a corporate wellness program is easy and affordable.  Many of our services may be covered under your employees' benefits plan.

Being a multidisciplinary clinic we are able to fit the needs of every company - large or small, regardless of the profile or nature of business. Members of our team include Sports Medicine Physicians, Chiropodists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Registered Massage Therapists, and Certified Kinesiologists.

In close cooperation with your company's management and human resources representatives, our team of specialists will design the most effective, informative and least expensive custom-built wellness program designed to fit the unique needs of your company and employees.

Possible components of program 

The wellness plan may include on site treatments, such as seated head and shoulder massage or chiropractic treatment; acupuncture; ergonomic assessments and education; Gait Scan analysis of the feet; nutrition counseling; safety classes and various other lunch-n-learn lectures on topics depending on the needs of the company.

As part of your corporate wellness program we can design and conduct your company's Health and Safety Training, required by the government.

We can help your company conduct surveys, which will expose the areas of concern of employees in regards with their health and well being while at work.

Professionally conducted surveys like this will help you not only in understanding the underlying health issues of the employees, but they would help significantly in designing corporate wellness programs so that most efforts are concentrated on issued that need attention the most.